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About Octos Global

Octos Global is a reputed and established software 

development firm based in California that has been providing reliable and required digital business solutions, custom software development solutions, mobile app development solutions, software testing, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, data science, and analytics solutions, rescue teams, complete IT, and staff augmentation solutions to IT companies and tech-based startups across the globe.

Being a full-service software development firm, Octos has a proven track record of supporting Fortune 500 companies, mid-market firms, and late-stage startups by providing essential IT solutions for complex business needs. Octos Global has serviced organizations engaged in diversified industry verticals such as technology, financial services, retail, oil and gas, medical and pharmaceutical, media and publishing, travel and hospitality, etc. 

Octos Global has rich experience in handling Mobile app development and website software development requirements and offers the perfect mix comprising of size, adaptability, experience as well as expertise for the successful development and execution of tech projects. 

Octos Global helps companies enhance the efficiency of existing software applications, developing new applications by providing required custom software development support. The firm’s expert team of software developers, testers, business analysts, and tech professionals have years of experience in handling complex and large-scale software development projects from across the globe.

We are a dependable outsourcing partner for small-scale, mid-scale, and large-scale enterprises looking for reliable software development outsourcing solutions. Our commitment to accelerating growth and profitability, while sticking to a business's vision and goals make us one of the most preferred software outsourcing agencies worldwide.

Core Business Values

Working passionately to enhance the business growth prospects of our clients, we are fueled by our organization’s core business values that drive everything at Octos Global.

Customer Delight
We are committed and disciplined to exceeding expectations and ensuring a world-class consumer experience for our clients.
We offer quick and timely solutions according to customers' requirements without compromising on the quality of service delivery.
Top Talent
We employ a highly-qualified team of expert professionals to promise quality solutions for all of our clients.
We follow high ethical standards, honor our commitment to our clients and promise greater transparency.
We are disciplined to deliver on our commitments and hold ourselves accountable at every stage of a project.
Collaboration & Teamwork
We believe in collaborating our skills and efforts as a team to deliver promising results to our clients in every case, every time.
Constant Learning and Innovation
We are driven towards innovation in the planning and implementation of various efforts while working on clients' projects.
Being a responsible company, we respect clients' privacy and comply with all U.S. intellectual property and data protection laws.
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