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Experience exponential transformation in your sales and revenue with Octos Global implementation expertise in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. We are not your average consultations but are revered as growth architects for businesses.

Our experts deliver precision implementation, tailoring every service of the platform to meet your unique needs. They build data-driven strategies to personalize customer experiences and automate repetitive tasks, ensuring better success with your sales team and closing more deals.

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Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Are you struggling with achieving sales targets or overwhelmed with the endless cycle of customer request management or siloed databases?

Octos Global is poised to assist you in overcoming any potential barriers and unleashing the full power of the platform. Our expertise ensures record-breaking performance through seamless Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce sales cloud brings together customer data from all sources, providing a shared view to the sales, services, marketing, IT, and all the other teams regardless of location. Salesforce sales cloud experts use AI-driven insights and tools to enable personalizing customer experiences to find more prospects and close more deals. Salesforce sales cloud integration capabilities add to the existing array of services, making it a versatile CRM platform.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud services help online retailers in marketing, merchandising, and curating a frictionless shopping experience. With the capability to run an omnichannel commerce operation, Salesforce enables digital businesses to reach new customers and reduce acquisition costs while enhancing the potential to increase sales. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C and B2B segment grants a 360-degree view into the orders, inventory, and CRM, enabling communication at every touchpoint.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud facilitates the tools for case management, shared knowledge base, omnichannel support, analytics, plus automation. Using these services, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences. Harnessing the power of AI to take service cloud implementation empowers your executives to provide real-time insights and recommendations to customers. Octos service cloud consulting will configure the platform according to your requirements and record higher customer satisfaction.

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Salesforce Integration

Integrate any data, system, or AI model with Salesforce CRM (MuleSoft) and unify your business ecosystem onto a single platform. Use our expertise and experience to connect the Salesforce platform to legacy systems and any database, unlocking seamless data flow while exploring the possibilities of automation. We can help you set up a Salesforce integration system to gain a single view of customers as our experts tailor the integration according to your requirements.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Transform patient engagement with the Salesforce health cloud while empowering your healthcare team to be more proficient and patient-centric than ever. With Salesforce health cloud features, you can effectively manage patient care plans and personalize experiences from a single platform. Using the same interface, we can help you collaborate with other departments with simplified member access and observe noticeable changes in the sales cycle, patient satisfaction, and revenue growth, all provided through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

With our assistance, you can break down information silos and integrate with EHR systems, labs, and other systems to gain a unified patient view while crafting personalized care plans. Leverage the power of in-built analytics to make data-driven decisions to make timely and informed decisions. At the same time, access all the capabilities of Salesforce health cloud on the mobile application to manage patients' data and care on the go.

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Salesforce Mobile Application

Salesforce empowers businesses to build mobile applications for their operations, leading to increased productivity on all fronts. With Octos Salesforce mobile app consultancy, you can get the most out of Salesforce mobile app development as our experts understand the platform's nuances. We can add robust functionalities by building industry and goal-specific platforms that are secure and compliant. Hire Salesforce mobile app developers to build solutions with Salesforce1, an integrated platform into the Salesforce ecosystem facilitating the development of unified native mobile apps.

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Salesforce Consulting Services

Octos Salesforce consulting services are meant to consolidate all the aspects of your businesses onto a single CRM platform, ensuring data and resources are optimized. We help you with Salesforce implementation, customization, integration, and support services. Learn all about Salesforce capabilities and possibilities through a dedicated Salesforce consultant prioritizing your operational needs. Associate with us to seize every opportunity and improve your operations with Salesforce.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Bring the power of AI to your marketing efforts with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to connect, engage, and convert potential leads into customers. We help you unify customer data with Salesforce marketing cloud products, access your audience’s secrets to personalize their journey, and automate workflows ensuring maximum productivity. Harness the power of omnichannel engagement and track performances with real-time analytics to optimize campaigns with strategic decision-making.

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Salesforce Einstein

Experience the magic of AI integrated into your business with Salesforce service cloud Einstein. Using our Salesforce Einstein consulting services, gain an in-depth understanding of how this platform can help you anticipate new opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and create predictive journeys while personalizing customer experiences. After integrating Einstein with other Salesforce products, we can help you bring the power of AI into sales, marketing, and community services.

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Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ services allow company representatives to provide accurate pricing with any product configuration and scenario. Hiring Octos for Salesforce CPQ integration means sharing accurate quotes considering optional features, customizations, product quantities, and discounts. With Salesforce Configure Price Quote services, you can automate the quoting process, ensuring accurate quotes and streamlining approval workflows, leading to faster deal closure.

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Salesforce Data Migration

Migrate all your data to Salesforce seamlessly with Octos Salesforce experts. We take out the complexity and headache of the data migration process, ensuring a smooth transition of your business data on an advanced platform. We work with strategic planning, considering your current data systems and creating migration plans for easy data extraction and cleaning. Post Salesforce data migration, our experts will tailor the platform to fit your business needs to maximize its potential.

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